Webley & Scott – Gunmakers 1790

Probably one of the oldest names in the gun industry gong back for over 200 years. Webley was founded in the late 18th century by William Davies who originally made bullet moulds. Then started producing hand-crafted pistols and shotguns, although mass-production was later introduced to supply police and military buyers.

It wasn’t until the 1920 UK Firearms act that they ever consider producing air rifles. It was because act required people to obtain a firearms certificate to purchase or possess a firearm. Their mass market of supplying arms to the public had disappeared on that day. It took Webley a few years of development before they first produced an airgun, it was their first air pistol, the Mark I in 1924. t was another 2 years before they produced a  pellet air rifle

Production of air pistols would go on, after the decision to stop firearms manufacture in 1979, until 2005 when Webley & Scott closed down.

The Revival Of Webley

Webley, the brand name for shotguns and air rifles, will be relaunched today – exactly 12 months after it was bought from the receivers. The Birmingham maker of guns – including pistols for General Custer – was bought by Airgunsport for #1 million last year after falling sales triggered the collapse of its Rubery-based operations.

Airgunsports, which is based in Willenhall, has now decided to relaunch its entire operations as Webley Ltd to capitalise on the firm’s illustrious history, which included providing the British Army’s service revolver.

The new company, which employs around 23 people in the UK, will take in the gun distribution business of Airgunsports and the manufacturing element of Webley & Scott.

Airgunsports shifted production of Webley air rifles to Turkey last year, where it also restarted production of shotguns. The company has now won significant extra orders and overseas sales.

Mike Hurney, executive chairman of Webley Ltd, said: “There was a 217-year history of Webley and the brand has a world-wide reputation. The guns made by Webley were used by General Custer and also in the failed assassination attempt on an American president. (source)

Wesley pistol

Webley Air Pistols Over The Years

  • Webley Mark 1 (Straight grip)    1924-1935
  • Webley Mark 1 (Slanted grip)     1935-1964
  • Webley Mark 11 (Target model)      1925-1930
  • Webley Senior (Straight grip)   1930-1935
  • Webley Senior (Slanted grip)   1935-1964
  • Webley Premier   1964-1975
  • Webley Premier Mk.11   1975-1977
  • Webley Hurricane   1977-2005
  • Webley Typhoon   1977-1982
  • Webley Tempest   1979-2005
  • Webley Junior (Wood/Tin grips)   1929-1939
  • Webley Junior (Bakerlite grips)   1946-1973
  • Webley Junior Mark 11   1973-1976
  • Webley Single Stroke Pneumatic Air Pistols
  • Webley Nemesis   1994-2005
  • Webley Alecto   2008-2015
  • Webley Tempest   2011-2019

Webley Air Pistols You Can Buy Today

  • Webley VMX Pistol
  • Webley Typhoon break barrel Air Pistol
  • Webley Nemesis
  • Webley Eclipse
  • Webley MKIV
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Webley accupell ft pellets

Webley Air Rifles Over the Years

  • Mark I Air Rifle 1926
  • Mark II air rifle 1929-1946
  • Mark III airier rifle 1946-1975
  • Webley Axsor Air Rifle 1997-2000
  • Webley Raider, Venom Viper Air Rifle 1999-2010
  • Webley Raider 10 Air Rifle 2005-2010
  • Webley Verminator, Venom Mamba Air Rifle 2004-2005
  • Webley FX2000 Air Rifle 1999-2005
  • Webley Spectre Air Rifle 2004-2005
  • Webley Raider I & 2 shot PCP Air Rifle 2000-2008
  • Webley Raider 10 PCP Air Rifle 2005-2019

air rifle by webley

Webley Air Rifles Yolu Can Buy Today

  • Webley Raider Classic Air Rifle
  • Webley Mastiff
  • Webley Eclipse Compact PCP Air Rifle
  • Webley VMX Classic
  • Webley VMX Cub

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