Its characteristics make this diabolo pellet the first choice for hunting small animals (varmints) with a small-calibre rifle or for silhouette shooting. The main advantage of this construction is the high penetration effect in the target. The lead pellet has a Steel Coated ball at the very end and this is what it gives it maximum penetration.


The usual led pellet being a soft metal start to break down and flatten on the initial  impact. The RWS Powerball reacts very differently, the steel ball powers through helping to protect the lead casing and it does not disintegrate until it penetrates nearly double the distance of a same weight pellet. The great thing about the RWS Powerball pellet is that it doesn’t stop there 


More Penetration On Separation 


So at this point the lead pellet disintegrates dumping most of its energy. However it doesn’t stop there because the steel coated ball leaves the lead part of the pellet and still carries on penetrating even further. The RWS Powerball is truly a game changer for penetration with .177 pellets. Watch the video to see the true devastation the Powerball creates.


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9.4 gr
200 pellets


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