HG125 “Robocop” Gas Airsoft Pistol L710


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The HG125 is a full-size gas airsoft pistol with an extended barrel. This airsoft BB pistol from HFC is at a fantastic cheap price! It is a (GNB) Gas Non-Blowback that is great for target practice and back garden battles. It has good accuracy and power with 280 fps. This pistol has amazing reliability and a great internal design with a fixed hop-up. This pistol also has a fully functional safety catch and disengages the trigger when activated.


This outstanding HFC gas pistol features a 13 round self-loading magazine. The gas is filled at the bottom of the grip and should always be filled upside down. The action is semi-auto which means that every time you pull the trigger it will fire a single shot. It also features a metal inner barrel and metal tactical trigger.


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