Balls of Steel: Copper Plated 4.5mm (x1000)


Quantity per Tin: x1000
KEEP YOUR TINS – Each BB tin is hand stamped with a unique serial number, during 2020 a monthly random draw will be made from all of the sold serial numbers, if yours is drawn then it will be replaced by 2 of the tins that you bought.

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These steel BB’s from IHunter are copper plated on the outside which has two benefits. Firstly, the copper on the outside of the BB’s is slightly softer than steel which leads to less ricochets. Secondly this copper is designed to be far more resistant to corrosion and thus improve the shot to shot consistency of the fired ammunition. The BBs come in a tin for easy access when loading.

Reduces bounce back by 75%

Quantity per Tin: x1000

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1000, 2000

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