Copper Pellets

Copper Pellets 


Copper coated pellets are made of lead as other standard air rifle ammunition. However according to some experts the thin copper layer provides an improved engagement with the rifling of the barrel. Thus in turn resulting in enhanced accuracy. The copper surrounding the pellets make them harder than common lead pellets. So statistically they tend to suffer less deformation, which then helps accuracy as well.

Copper pellet safety side, copper plated pellets offer a much cleaner handling. The coating of copper encases the lead leaving no lead dust over the shooter’s hands. Especially in pockets for those shooters who choose to keep a few pellets there for easier access.

Copper Airgun Pellets + Increased Velocity 

The copper coating on the pellets reduces the friction with air. This provides an 20% increased velocity when compared to similar weight pellets. Increased velocity equals extra knock-down power at any distance. Step up your game with these game changing airgun pellets 

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